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「英語コミュニケーションスキル特訓キャンプ」 @Aoba光が丘キャンパスsupported by GO School 
 Aoba-Japan International Schoolが提供する「Aoba Summer Program 2024」のアフタースクールとして、同じく光ヶ丘キャンパスにてGO Schoolが提供する、対面型英語キャンププログラムが開催されます。

  (低学年はShow & Tell)

名称 Aoba Summer Program 2024  
~Special Afterschool~ 
supported by GO School 
開催期間 ≪第1期≫ 2024年6月17日(月)~6月21日(金)  
≪第2期≫ 2024年6月24日(月)~6月28日(金)  
≪第3期≫ 2024年7月1日(月)~7月5日(金)  
≪第4期≫ 2024年7月8日(月)~7月12日(金)  
≪第5期≫ 2024年7月15日(月)~7月19日(金)  
 ※AJIS Summer Programの後にご参加いただけます
開催場所 Aoba-Japan International School 光が丘キャンパス内
対象 小1~中学生 (各クラス最低実施人数4名)
①1・2年生クラス:Show & Tell、スピーチ等
受講料 早期価格:2万円/1期当たり(税込)←締切3月25日
備考 アフタースクール受講生向けのシャトルバスの運行はございません。
運営 運営主体:Aoba-Japan International School
プロデュース:GO School
お申込み 専用フォームに必要事項をご記入ください


GO School :
E-mail: goschool@bbt757.com
Tel: 03-5860-5578
月~金(休日を除く) 10:00-18:00(日本時間)


Aoba Summer Program 2024 ~Special Afterschool 「English Communication Skills Intensive Training Camp 

Welcome to the Aoba Summer Program 2024 at Aoba-Japan International School’s Hikarigaoka campus! We’re excited to announce a new addition to our afterschool offerings: the GO School’s face-to-face English camp program.

Summer break is a prime opportunity for focused learning, and our partnership with GO School provides an excellent platform for your child to sharpen their communication and academic skills.

Led by experienced English instructors, our special program caters to various age groups. For younger children, we focus on nurturing communication skills, while middle and high school students engage in debates and discussions to enhance logical thinking and writing skills.

Through interactive group sessions, we aim to maximize each student’s output and boost confidence in English proficiency. With GO School’s unique curriculum, we’re dedicated to helping your child achieve a higher level of English fluency and confidence.

Don’t miss this chance to make the most of your summer break! Join us at Aoba-Japan International School’s Hikarigaoka campus and embark on a journey towards mastering English with our GO School partnership.

✓For those who wish to further brush up their English skills.
✓For those who pursue to enhance their logical thinking and discussion skills 

Features of Lessons
✓the quantitative output realized through face-to-face group lessons 
Engage in debates and discussions to develop research skills and teamwork. (For younger students, there will be Show & Tell sessions.)

◆Program Outline

name Aoba Summer Program 2024  
~Special Afterschool~
 「English Communication Skills Intensive Training Camp」 
supported by GO School 
period Term 1: June 17, 2024 (Mon) – June 21, 2024 (Fri)
Term 2: June 24, 2024 (Mon) – June 28, 2024 (Fri)
Term 3: July 1, 2024 (Mon) – July 5, 2024 (Fri)
Term 4: July 8, 2024 (Mon) – July 12, 2024 (Fri)
Term 5: July 15, 2024 (Mon) – July 19, 2024 (Fri)
time※ 15:20~16:40 (80min)
 ※starting after the AJIS Summer Program
venue Aoba-Japan International School
Hikariga-oka Campus
age Grade 1 to Secondary School students
 *Minimum number of students per class: 4 
 *Classes will be organized according to English level.
【Class Structure / Content】
①1st/2nd Grade class :Show & Tell、Speech, etc.
*The activities will foster a communication skills base.
②3rd/4th Grade class: Debate & Discussion
③5th/6th Grade class:  Debate & Discussion
④Secondary School class:  Debate & Discussion
*①② students will be limited to families that can picked-up their chidren after the program 
fee 25,000 yen per term (normal price) #Closing date: 20 May
20,000 yen per term (Early bird price) #Closing date: 25 March
30,000 yen/per term (Late price) #Closing date: 31 May
*All listed prices include tax
notes Shuttle bus service is not available for afterschool program students, during this period.
Organized by Organized by :Aoba-Japan International School
Produced by : GO School
application Fill in the applications for registrations.

For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact
GO School :E-mail: goschool@bbt757.com
Tel: 03-5860-5578